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Catalog data migration is often the last item on the EAM implementation checklist. The complexities involved in part data consolidation and catalog structure compliance are always overlooked and the effort is underestimated. The freshly implemented EAM still falls short of delivering the desired business outcome.


Delivered a well-structured, technically organized, content-rich, outcome-driven part catalog by applying decades of domain knowledge, rigorous data quality control, and a sophisticated data workbench.


An optimized catalog helps  in accurately identifying similar parts and delivering precise part data for downstream systems, thus reducing part spend and increasing part life.

7 Global plants

Wide range of data sources: drawings, spec-sheets, web

Multi-lingual catalogs

320K+ OEM parts

50K+ duplicates identified

1,200+ categories defined

270K+ master part list delivered

Enforced data governance compliance


4 source catalogs from acquisition

1 target master catalog

Incomplete part data

Fixed delivery date


900+ categories with 15 attributes defined

40K+ master part list delivered

3K+ duplicate parts identified

Met delivery SLA


Mergers and acquisitions drive growth in enterprise value and total shareholder returns. Maximizing the M&A value requires disciplined diligence in asset consolidation and a detailed integration strategy. Delivering a consolidated part catalog to meet the go-to-market timeline requires domain expertise and execution strength.


A part catalog is as unique as the business it drives. Effective catalogs have well-defined business rules and highly accurate and relevant part information to drive top-line and bottom-line results. M&A catalog consolidation requires a good understanding of business goals, domain knowledge, and execution strength to deliver high-quality master data.


Delivered a highly effective unified master catalog for the target PLM system to meet sourcing goals.



Data velocity and information completeness are the two key external factors that drive e-commerce sales. Syndication sources deliver product data at a high velocity which may not meet the target e-commerce system’s catalog specifications. Merchandizing managers should focus on the business imperatives over catalog curation.


Baselined the current catalog to domain-specific taxonomy structure, enriched product information, extracted attributes, structured content to aid marketing needs, and set up a process to manage incremental product data.


Predictable, high-quality, rich, granular product information leading to higher conversion and effective product marketing.

62K+ baseline catalog





Implemented Taxonomy

Enriched content 

Extracted product features

Enabled recommendations

Enabled product marketing

Setup new product workflow

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