Vendor Solutions


Vendor Solutions

We have products and solutions for E-Commerce. This is for buying and selling of goods, products and services online. We build e-Commerce Solutions Websites, e-Commerce shopping cart, e-Commerce store front & custom e-Commerce websites, Data Management and Security solutions. Bluemind's Vendor management tool has features covering all aspects of procurement activities in one system viz., buying, stocking, sales analysis, cart order processing, and payment. The tool also features built-in spend analysis module.

Catalog Integration With External Systems

Integration of the Catalogs to external systems with a smart cloud application.

Receive Payments

Payment receivables management and execution services to help process payments synchronized with company's bank accounts.

Inventory Management

The Module can handle Floating requests for quotation (RFQ) with a suitable cross referencing model and ordering process for approval.

Cart Order Receiving & Processing

This module keeps full track of inventory from purchase till sale. Generates invoice and creates purchase order; tracks multiple UOMs, inventory levels and orders, creates business documents, and updates inventory and much more.

Buyer Relationship Management

Updating of Buyer Database and repeated check on the accuracy of information to make it easy to manage the buyer database and also provide customers or the buyers with full-fledged independence from vendors.

Sales Analysis

Bluemind Solution's Sales analysis examines sales reports to see what products and services have and have not sold. This analysis is mainly used to determine how to stock inventory, how to measure the effectiveness of a sales force, how to set sales capacity and to see how the company is performing against its goals.

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