10 Best Practices in E-commerce
10 Best Practices in E-commerce 1024 576 admin

  • Unique and up to date product information
  • Structured product hierarchy
  • High resolution and multiple product images
  • Search engine optimization
  • Robust store experience
  • Highly secure transactions
  • Instant customer support
  • User experience and reviews
  • Supportive M-commerce
  • Multi-channel marketing
Bluemind Solutions is one of the leading providers of data solutions for e-Commerce we are B2B and B2C Company purely providing product information to the industries like Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Suppliers, and B2B e-Commerce. Our business is ideally made for e-Commerce / Web store / e-Catalog industries, we are a company with significant subject matter expertise. Over 90% of our work force are professional product analysts and almost all of them have relevant industrial experience. Our expertise range from Health care, Life sciences, Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, Safety, Janitorial, Furniture’s, Office Supplies, Building Supplies, Consumables etc. We have been a long term partner within this channel for several e-commerce and PIM companies providing end to end SEO support.
Bluemind Services focus more on 100% customer satisfaction with best practice and quality standards of the Industry, quality is an integral part of our commitment, and our certification includes ECCMA and ISO. Our prime emphasis is on our customer’s profitability and delight. The services provided by us improves www sales with significant increase in net revenues from online business. our services are very cost-effective which enables ample profit margins to our customers through e-Commerce. We also entice the customer experience while purchasing online, provide assistance with print catalogs help sales and marketing through all possible media with all the Data Management Services that we are capable of providing.