Data Services

Data Services

Data Quality determines the effectiveness of an ERP / PLM / MDM / e-Commerce system. While there is no universally accepted definition of Data Quality, the four most clear data quality dimensions are accuracy, fineness, relevance and timeliness. Bluemind Solutions specializes in data services and solutions to help you improve Data Quality to realize the full potential of your Enterprise or e-Commerce system.

Key Benefits
  • Help you find parts more easily
  • Optimize parts sourcing; less suppliers, better pricing
  • Sell more online with rich product information
  • Improved data quality at source prevents downstream data redundancy

Key Capabilities

We can help you transform your data from its current state and transform into more accurate, properly classified, enriched with granular details and deliver it in a timely manner to drive business.

Raw ERP Product, Vendors &
Transaction Data.

We process all input data extract from various systems like Vendor Master, Item Master or Material Master, Service Master and Customer Master of any ERP system.

Categorize To UNSPSC Or Any Custom

Our Domain Experts drive the classification processes ensuring highest quality classification to the lowest possible leaf level in UNSPSC and also for any given taxonomy such as NSPSC, eClass, SMD, NAICS, SIC, EGII, JPPSG, MESC, NIGP, ECRI etc. or for any proprietary schemas/taxonomy/category structure from manufacturers and suppliers.

Spend Analytics

We ensure efficient spend analysis by manipulating large amounts of inaccurate data into a meaningful and functional data which helps to identify Vendors Hierarchy, Consolidate purchases, negotiate better prices to achieve decreased maintenance costs and Increase base line profits.

Cleanse, Standardize & Normalize

We assists in creating and maintaining clean data by improving data quality through error detection and correction and also by making the entire dataset consistent according to prescribed industrial standards services

De-Duplication & Inventory Optimization

For Better visibility and inventory optimization and removing duplicates to improve efficiency and Decrease down times.

Data Quality Assurance

We have a well-established QA processes and project frameworks to deliver high quality data first time and every time, strong adherence to service level agreements – projects are always delivered on time.

We have a broad spectrum of services that spans across Data Management lifecycle augmented by rigorous processes to ensure high quality output