Bluemind Solutions offers integrated product data services, the effectiveness of the product data content depends on accuracy and precision of the instructional design. We bring domain expertise in designing the processes and standards to ensure that the content is geared for success. This enables end-customers, sales teams and channel partners to quickly search and find relevant information on product features, functionality and robust success.


E-Commerce Product Data Solutions

We offer data services tailored especifically for sell side business. The sell side data construction demands detailed, organised and structured data which can be used to highlight the product and product features.

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Inventory Data Management

Bluemind has unparalleled experience in the buy side data services. Buy side data management activity is the primary building block for effective management of data flow through the system.

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Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Bluemind Solutions has capabilities of providing all its services irrespective of the language of input data. Bluemind locale translation experts are technically oriented with an objective to achieve highest quality standards.

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Services In All Industry Verticals

Bluemind verticals fan out into various industries. We are a company with significant subject matter expertise and experience. Over 90% of our work forces are professional product analysts

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