Best Practices – Successful Data Cleaning
Best Practices – Successful Data Cleaning 1024 576 admin

When executed correctly, successful data cleaning imparts these benefits. Validating the accuracy of the data in real time by cleaning the existing data for more effective procurement. Eradicates major defects and inconsistencies from single data sources and or when combining multiple data sources. Eliminates duplicates and helps preferred vendor analytics supporting and minimizing spend. Works…

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10 Best Practices in E-commerce
10 Best Practices in E-commerce 1024 576 admin

Unique and up to date product information Structured product hierarchy High resolution and multiple product images Search engine optimization Robust store experience Highly secure transactions Instant customer support User experience and reviews Supportive M-commerce Multi-channel marketing Bluemind Solutions is one of the leading providers of data solutions for e-Commerce we are B2B and B2C Company…

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