Best Practices – Successful Data Cleaning

Best Practices – Successful Data Cleaning

Best Practices – Successful Data Cleaning 1024 576 admin

When executed correctly, successful data cleaning imparts these benefits.

  • Validating the accuracy of the data in real time by cleaning the existing data for more effective procurement.
  • Eradicates major defects and inconsistencies from single data sources and or when combining multiple data sources.
  • Eliminates duplicates and helps preferred vendor analytics supporting and minimizing spend.
  • Works in accordance with taxonomies or schema-related data transformations and specific mapping functions.
  • Normalizes and standardize the data to multichannel entry point bringing more reliability to database.
  • More effectiveness and performance of data governance tools helping and integrating clean data through various platforms.
Bluemind Solutions is one of the leading providers of data cleansing solutions for Material Master, e-Procurement, Inventory,  etc.. we are B2B and B2C Company purely providing product information to the Manufacturers industries with various data needs. We specialize in handling Material Master, and MRO data. Our business is ideally made for Big Data, Spend Analytics and e-procurement needs, we are a company with significant subject matter expertise. Over 90% of our work force are professional product analysts and almost all of them have relevant industrial experience. Our expertise is into almost all industrial verticals like Oil and Gas, Energy, Electrical, Mechanical, construction, plumbing and all other MRO verticals. We have been a long term partner within this channel for several MDM companies, SAP consultants, Manufacturers etc..
Bluemind Services focus more on 100% customer satisfaction with best practice and quality standards of the Industry, quality is an integral part of our commitment, and our certification includes ECCMA ISO. Our prime emphasis is on our customer’s profitability and delight. The services provided by us enables cost-effective approach for e-Procurement we also take pride in our software support services that we offer for data governance which acts as a staging area to support multichannel integration.

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